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Your Choice, Your Control.


When you want the freedom to select the provider of your choice but don't want the hassle and lost time paying invoices and following up service agreements. 

That's where we come in

Complete Plan Management provides Financial Plan Management for participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We help individuals and families by removing the stress of budgets, service agreements and invoice payments and streamline the process allowing you to spend more time focusing on the things that truly matter. 


Our team walk you through the entire process step by step from start to finish and continue to keep you informed on how the funds in your NDIS plan are spent. 

    About Us    

"We speak Government. "

It can be very confronting trying to take your plan and get it underway. There's a lot of unknown factors and questions that will come up along the way.

We remove the stress - We manage your funding and pay your invoices allowing you to focus on the important things.

We are customer focused - We keep you involved as much, or as little as you like.  

We give you the freedom of choice - By selecting to have your NDIS plan financial plan managed you are given more choice in providers.

We keep you informed - We let you know when an invoice is received and when it's paid. So you always know exactly what your providers are charging

We keep it simple - By streamlining the process and making it easy to understand as well as email and phone support 

    How We Can Help    


not sure how to split up your funding? we will help you set up a budget that makes sure you're getting the most out of your funds

Financial Plan Management



Our  team of Financial Plan Managers will pay all your invoices as well as keep you updated when an invoice is received and paid

Support Coordination


Don't know where to start looking for services? Our support coordinators will help you find the providers that are the right people to help you reach your goals

(Limited Availabilty)


Everyone has questions and we are here to help. To have one of our amazing team members contact you and discuss your needs simply fill in this form and we will contact you back

Thank you for your enquiry. One of our team members will contact you soon.

Call us on (08) 8185 0003

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