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Complete Plan Management Services, or CPMS for short, is a boutique family owned business who's sole focus is on making everything as easy as possible for everyone involved with a plan managed NDIS plan. 

By keeping our client numbers small we deliver a personalised service as well as fast and efficient payments to providers meaning less stress for you and your clients. 

Flexible Payment Planning

Payments Made Simple

Payments follow 5 simple steps. 


You submit your invoice via email


We validate and process the invoice ready for the NDIS


the NDIS reviews our request and approves your invoice


The NDIS pays the invoice to our accounts team 


 Our accounts team pay your invoice via EFT

Reading a dossier

Useful Documents

We do our best to support providers as much as we can within the rules of the NDIS.

We have prepared these documents to help you and your business.

To access them click HERE 

Playing Computer Games

Support Coordinator back of house access

If you are a support coordinator and looking to have the most up to date information for your clients budgets, spending patterns and loads of other useful reports to help make your life easier. Our support coordinator access via Careview is ideal for you. 

To gain access you simply need your client to fill in a permission form and email it to us, or give verbal consent over the phone, best of all. If you have clients in other plan management companies that also use Careview you will be able to see all your clients across multiple providers


When will I get paid?

Current NDIS standards are that all invoices are validated and processed to the NDIS within 5 business days of receipt. The NDIS will then take 1 to 2 business days to approve the payment and send the money to us. Once received we transfer the money directly to your nominated bank account. (Please note - some banks take up to 3 business days to process the receipt of payment into your account)

How do I know you got my invoice?

Every email received by our accounts team is replied to with an automatic confirmation email. This email also updates you with any important information that may cause delay to your payment or changes within the NDIS. Please check your junk and spam folders to ensure our reply was not sent there. 

What is a service agreement? 

The NDIA recommends having a written service agreement so participants and providers are clear about what each party has agreed to. Service agreements help make sure the participant and provider have the same expectations of what supports will be delivered and how they will be delivered.

A service agreement is a negotiation between the participant or their nominee and the provider. It clearly states, on paper, what exact services will be provided, how much these services will cost and any other details that may need to be clarified for the services to commence. 

Service agreements should have the total amount of funding that the provider will require for the duration of the plan. This allows us to allocate that money to your account for invoice payment, allows the participant to see where their money will go and is a big part in stopping overspending of budgets.

Do I have to provide a service agreement?

While the NDIS recommends that all providers have one the short answer is NO. 

It is important to understand that if you provide a service agreement with a total amount of funding on it for services then we will allocate that funding to you and your invoices will not risk being unpaid due to overspending. 

What happens if a clients funding runs out?

If a participant overspends their funding then it is their responsibility to pay any outstanding invoices. All clients are regularly updated with their budget and should be well aware of any risk of overspending. In some cases the NDIS will consider paying some or all of the overspend but this is not a guarantee. 

What happens if a clients plan is closed?

When a plan closes the NDIS will disconnect us from the client and we will be notified that our request for invoice payment was denied. We will contact you to let you know that the clients plan has ended and request you to contact them for payment instructions. It is common for participants to change the way they manage their plans so by going directly to them your invoice will be paid as promptly as possible. 

If the participant requests to continue with our services you will need to resubmit the invoice for processing once all the required reconnection documents have been completed. 

What details must be on my invoice?

Our 'Provider Welcome Letter' outlines everything you need to know about what must be on your invoice and where to send it. You can find that document HERE

Do you have a waiting list?

Due to the unknown length of time between plans, reconnections and major changes etc we do not hold a waiting list as we would hate for a participant to be waiting months on end just to connect to our services. For our current availability please contact us directly. 

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